Rhythm of the Seasons— A Journey Beyond Loss

(Sta-Kris, Inc.)
Edited by Marilyn Adams with Mary Kay Shanley, illustrated by Paul Micich

rhythm of the seasonsRhythm of the Seasons is a memoir of an Iowa woman’s loss of her 11-yer-old son in a farm incident, as well as her process toward recovery and the tremendous growth she experienced to find meaning and purpose again. Marilyn Adams’ honest and sometimes wrenching story provides strength and assurance to others experiencing grief, as well as recognition for those who bring them hope. In one way or another, that includes each of us.


A year after the death of her son, Marilyn founded Farm Safety 4 Just Kids to educate families about the dangers of flowing grain. Today, the organization is international, headquartered in Urbandale, IA. Its mission is prevention of farm-related childhood injuries, health risks and fatalities.


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Hope is a gift given to you by others.
It is wrapped within the embrace of a friend
Or the words of a stranger.
Hope is also a gift you give to yourself. But only
When the time is right.
When, finally, you are ready to begin to heal.

Like anyone who experiences profound loss,
This was unknown to me at first.