When I Think about My Father— Sons and Daughters Remember

(Sta-Kris, Inc.)
Edited by Mary Kay Shanley, illustrated by Paul Micich

when i think about my fatherThese essays are from sons and daughters—some youngsters, others adults—some famous, others “regular”—some joyful, others not so much. Their words require us to consider the role our fathers play in our lives. There is, after all, something about a father only the child can know. The size of his hands, the depth of his voice, the smell of his skin at the end of the day. His presence fills a place in the soul. His absence leaves a hole that may never be filled by anyone or anything else. Whether we love him, fear him, mind him or miss him, no one else is like him. These remembrances may cause us to consider our own fathers’ influence and encourage us to reaffirm the importance of fathers in our society.


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The voice of my father is in his letters. Letters arriving weekly that span 25 years of our lives. From a college daughter to a middle-aged married woman, I still find the good-byes as heart wrenching now as at 21.

—Rebecca Sonniksen

At the end of the day when I go to bed, Daddy tucks me in. We talk about our day. Daddy wants to know what was the best thing that happened in my day. He wants to know if I was a good friend today. If I tried my best today. He reads me a story to help me sleep. We pray together. That is my favorite part.

—Dictated by Amanda Bollard