The Memory Box—Gathering the Keepsakes of the Heart

(Sta-Kris, Inc.)
With Illustrator Paul Micich

memory boxIt arrives eventually, that time when a grandparent can no longer live in the family home. Packing, slowly, generation gaps are erased as grandmother stops to share her special box of keepsakes with her young granddaughter. “Not now,” the mother admonishes. “It’s time to pack.”


But for grandmother and granddaughter, it was time to both reflect on and to learn from a slower past. Memories long buried enjoyed rebirth through stories shared and “stuff” re-discovered as grandma readies for her new apartment in the city—a vintage hatbox, a hand-made memory box Papa fashioned “for important trinkets,” a favorite aunt’s wooden spoon (slanted from decades stirring over a hot stove), Shawnee’s leather dog collar, cracked with age.


In the end, the young granddaughter realizes that the bookmark grandmother had just helped her cross-stitch would become the first treasure in her own memory box—a bright red shoebox she’d been saving for one reason or another.


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Each of us must leave behind a place—say goodbye to a person —let go of the past. And when that happens, what is left? Memories—whispers of a time gone by that have voices in the present and echoes in the future.

Some mementoes can be saved in your Memory Box. And all of the memories can be treasured forever in your heart.