Little Lessons for Teachers

(Sta-Kris, Inc.)
Compiled by Mary Kay Shanley

little lessonsThis handy paperback is chockfull of tips and advice from a plethora of great teachers.

  • Seeing you as a human being may be the most valuable lesson your students learn.
  • Give a youngster who doesn’t like to share a copy of The Giving Tree.
  • Hang Christa McAuliffe’s picture on your wall. Then put her quote beneath it: “I touch the future. I teach.”
  • Has anyone seen my desk?
  • No child wants to be a “bad” student.


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I know with certainty that teaching is not an easy task. When I began to work with teachers and, eventually, teaching classes myself, I realized that “those who teach learn twice.” Men and women who excel as teachers seek new ways to spark the imagination of their students while challenging themselves to improve their skills and enhance their own knowledge.

—Mary Kay Shanley