This Is Kemin—Fifty Years of Innovation

(Kemin Industries)
With Illustrator Paul Micich

this is keminKemin Industries, Inc., began in 1961 as Chemical Industries, housed in a wool barn in Des Moines’ “Southeast Bottoms.” The area sported unpaved roads, wild dogs, packinghouses, a dump that was usually on fire and feedlots for cattle, sheep and garbage-fed hogs. But none of that deterred R.W. and Mary Nelson from following their dream.


By 1963, the company had become a corporation and the Nelson children received their first company shares. A half-century of unprecedented growth later, Kemin Industries is a $400-million-a-year operation. Even so, it remains a family business, serving as an umbrella organization over the Kemin group of companies that fulfills customer needs for five industries: Kemin Health, Kemin Pharma, Kemin Nutrisurance, Kemin Food Technologies and Kemin Agrifoods.




This Is Kemin—Fifty Years of Innovation chronicles the company’s first half-century, ending with President Chris Nelson looking toward tomorrow. The story is presented in sections, with copy written in story-form, accompanied by four-color photos that make reading intellectually enjoyable.

The book is not available publicly.