If you’re a reader, or a writer, or a reader & a writer—this is THE Website you were searching for as you zipped through cyberspace just now. If you stay here awhile, you’ll learn stuff—like the fact that cyberspace is a noun meaning “the notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs.”


See, you didn’t know that a minute ago, and now you do.


The cyberspace definition immediately raises two questions for the curious:

  1. Who writes definitions like that?
  2. And how much did somebody earn to string those 10 words together?


Cyberspace aside, the fact is I’m here in my office and you’re wherever you are. Trey, our rescue Sheltie, is here too, sleeping because that’s what dogs do when they aren’t chasing squirrels, barking at school buses, waiting for a Milkbone or rolling over for a tummy rub. (Not a bad life.)


My office used to be our daughter’s bedroom. I launched the transformation 30 minutes after I got back home from driving Amy to Tufts (1,400 miles away) to go to college. Apparently, I failed to mention my Transformation Plan to Amy, even though we spent about nine days together in the car. Well, maybe not nine days, but we were in the same car, heading east, for quite awhile.


Hence, when Amy flew back home for  that first Thanksgiving break, the fluorescent ceiling lights surprised her. As did the absence of a bed, dresser, nightstand and posters of singing groups I’d never heard of. “It’s an office, right?” she asked.


That girl is smart.


The new digs didn’t make me a better author, but they made me feel like a real one. My first office was a desk my parents had bought for me when I was in high school. Obviously, that was in the last century. The desk set in the middle of the basement playroom, which is what writer-mothers should expect if they have three babies in four years. When our kids trotted off to school, I upgraded to a private office in the back basement, between the furnace and a wall of storage cabinets. Now, finally, a room with a two-window view—through a linden tree on the left, a sunburst locust on the right and flower gardens beyond.


It’s okay if you want to spend a little time being happy for me.


So this is where you’ll find me—especially you people who are readers, or writers, or readers & writers. Send me an email, connect with me on Facebook, or enjoy [and get involved with] my blog (about adoption), which will be up running on this Website. Pretty soon.



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